Kickoff meeting SIAMOIS

Paris Observatory,  Salle du Conseil, bâtiment Perrault (building 2 on the map)
Monday 15: from 10:00 am to 18:00
Tuesday 16: from 9:30 to 13:00


Each talk ~ 20 min, including 5 min discussion; slides in english, oral presentation in french or english

Monday, may 15

1. SIAMOIS project

Benoît Mosser
Jean-Pierre Maillard
Doppler seismology with a Michelson interferometer
Claude Catala
SIAMOIS: science requirements, performances and targets
FX Schmider
Site testing at Dome C
Concordia: logistical constraints
Jean-Tristan Buey
Organization of the project
FX Schmider
A-Step: search for low mass exoplanets from Dome C
F Grundahl
A few words about SONG (Stellar Oscillations Network Group)

2. Science with SIAMOIS

Don Kurtz
Solar-like oscillators and beyond with SIAMOIS
Thierry Appourchaux
Photometry versus spectrometry  and other fights
Frédéric Thévenin Data training for the targets
Josefina Montalban
Models and frequencies for alpha Cen A and B
Caroline Barban
Solar-like oscillations in Red Giants: status and perspectives with SIAMOIS
Marc-Antoine Dupret
Seismology of Herbig stars with SIAMOIS
Philippe Mathias
Gamma Doradus stars in the SIAMOIS context
Ennio Poretti
First considerations on possible  preliminary and complementary programmes for the SIAMOIS project

Tuesday, May 16

3. Project and technique

Tristan Buey
2nd part of the file presented above
Supakrit Maharakkhaka
Instrument model
Pernelle Bernardi Optical bench test
Tristan Buey
Benoît Mosser
Conclusion of the workshop

4. Scientific committee

Installation of the scientific committee

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